Angels Watching Over Me

Angels Watching Over Me - Michael             Phillips In the book "Angels Watching over me " By Michael Phillips We meet the two main characters Mayme and Katherine or (Katie) the conflict of this story revolves around how the two girls handle the events of "The Massacre of Shenandoah County." My overall rating of this story is 4 and a half stars. Many times I found myself losing track of time because how captivating this world was. From the description of Rosewood Katie's family plantation to how well developed Mayme character was with her childlike mind when learning to read or discovering who God was.The only con about this book that I felt there was is how abruptly the story ended I know is was supposed to lead you on to buying the next book but I still felt it was a little unresolved. However, That is why I didn't give it the full five stars. But my overall rating of the series might be different.Besides that negative, This story doesn't have to much offensive content as far as detailed description, But of course, some of the fears such as Rape that Mayme fears are mentioned but no more than the word. Overall I highly recommend this book to any historical fiction fan or a fan of Christian novels. If you aren't a Christian don't let it stop you from reading this book because the characters extreme development, the world, and the educational aspect will make it all worth it. So why don't you stop reading my review! Now go get yourself a copy, and find out if Katie and Mayme will ever overcome their new challenges of the "Massacre of Shenandoah ."